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Protecting your pension contributions from misuse

Losing all or even part of a pension plan is one of the most devastating events you could face in your lifetime. Like most Ohio residents, you have worked very hard and very long to build a nest egg that will fill your needs upon retirement. Even though the last thing you want is a pension dispute, you may one day need to deal with such a dispute if your retirement funds are at risk.

Many of us who work in America contribute to pension plans with our own personal funds. Typically, we trust the investors in charge of our retirement funds to make wise, well-informed investment decisions. In most cases, this trust is justified, but sometimes, investors misuse our contributions. As laymen, we might not know our funds are in danger, but there are ways to spot such misuse. Below are several warning signs indicating possible misuse of pension plan funds.

  • Your pension account balance is different from what you expected
  • Your statements reflect investments that you did not authorize
  • You see evidence of unusual transactions such as loans to your boss or your pension trustee
  • Your account statement does not show the contributions that you have made
  • Your account balance experiences a significant and unusual drop in funds
  • Your account statements arrive late or not at all

We urge all employees to learn how retirement accounts work. This can protect you from the misuse of your contributory funds and can also help you prepare for any pension disputes that arise from such misuse. We offer many resources on our website to help you avoid disputes altogether or to prepare a winning case if you do face a dispute. Please continue reading or reach out to our staff to learn more about these critical retirement issues.

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