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COBRA and other health insurance disputes: Employer obligations

Knowing that you have health insurance goes a long way in helping you feel secure about your physical well-being. When you have insurance coverage through your employer, those feelings of security may be even stronger. What happens if you lose your job or if your employer reduces your work hours? Will you have to start over and find coverage on your own?

These are the questions that plague Ohio workers anticipating a change in their employment status. Unless you are well-versed in matters of insurance, you might not realize that COBRA, an acronym for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, provides you with continued coverage in certain situations. Events that can trigger COBRA include getting laid off or terminated and having your work hours reduced.

As outlined in the following section, employers have several obligations to you in case of termination, lay off or a change to part-time status. COBRA and other health insurance disputes can arise if your employer fails to fulfill these obligations.

  • Notifying you of your COBRA rights
  • Providing you with the contact information of someone with more information about COBRA
  • Explaining how to notify the plan provider of trigger events (as described above)
  • Giving you general information about your COBRA coverage
  • Explaining that the notification about your COBRA rights does not include all pertinent information

If your employer fails to comply with his or her obligations, it is your right to initiate COBRA and other health insurance disputes. Doing so can make all the difference in how you approach health issues going forward. For example, in many Cobra and other health insurance disputes, it is possible for you to acquire compensation on the grounds that your workplace failed to comply with regulations. Employer-provided health insurance is a complex matter, but you can find the answers you need by consulting with an attorney who is experienced in handling insurance disputes.

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