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Why do insurers deny life and accidental death claims?

Knowing that you are covered by an insurance policy in case of your or a loved one's death gives people a deep sense of security. It all seems very cut-and-dried when you purchase a policy or when your employer provides insurance coverage. Unfortunately, many Ohio residents who thought they were covered find themselves suddenly facing life and accidental death insurance disputes.

The first thing you should understand is that insurance companies are businesses. As such, they have an interest in holding onto their funds rather than paying out claims. While it is not personal, it certainly feels that way to those of you who are counting on insurance policy payouts. There are many reasons insurers deny claims, which often leads to time-consuming life and accidental death insurance disputes. These reasons include:

Type of death: You already know that insurers do not like to pay claims. If you receive a denial that you do not deserve, it is wise to have an attorney comb through your policy documents to contest the denial. Just about the only type of death not covered in life insurance policies is suicide.

Missed payments: Obviously, you must keep making your insurance payments in order for your claim to receive approval. When you know you have paid your premiums but receive a denial based on missing payments, you may benefit from attorney representation.

Contestability period: Most life insurance policies have a period in which the insurer can contest or dispute your claim. However, it is possible in many cases to overcome a claim denial based on the contestability period. An insurance attorney can guide you through this process.

Although you may not wish to enter into life and accidental death insurance disputes after a loved one dies, the alternative is much worse. Taking action after a claim denial can help you receive the funds you need to move on after a family member passes away.

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