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Seek assistance to overcome short-term disability disputes

Suffering an unexpected injury or illness can take you away from your job for a short time, a long time or forever. Living with any kind of disability is stressful enough without having to worry about your finances. Most people expect to put in some work during a long-term disability claim, but what about short-term disabilities?

We would like to tell you as clearly as possible that you do not have time for short-term disability disputes. When you cannot work because you have suffered a short-term injury or illness, you need your benefits right now. In some ways, this is almost more important than acquiring long-term disability benefits, and we will tell you why this is so.

Say you experience an accident that breaks both of your legs. Unless you have a job that does not require the use of your legs, you probably will not be able to work for a time. If your insurer denies your claim, the last thing you need is to enter into a lengthy short-term disability dispute. By the time you resolve the issue, you might already be well enough to return to work.

This is what we meant when we said that you do not have time for short-term disability disputes. One way you can improve your odds of claim approval is to make sure you have made no errors when filing a claim. Some Ohio residents facing a disability (long or short-term) have found claim success by working with a legal professional who has a background in disability law.

This approach can improve the chances of filing a successful claim while also setting you up for success if your short-term disability becomes long-term. We invite you to explore the resources on our website for additional information about short-term disability disputes.

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