We Can Review Your Severance Agreement

Have you recently lost your job and received a severance agreement? Getting terminated from a job is one of life's most stressful and intimidating times. When your employer withholds severance pay to which you are entitled, it only makes matters worse.

You don't have to leave on unfair terms. Gain a better understanding of what you have been asked to sign by speaking to our experienced employment law attorney who has your best interests in mind. With years of severance legal experience, Tony C. Merry can assist you by reviewing your severance documents. Don't sign anything until you speak with attorney Merry, who will take measures to protect your rights and strive for a fair severance benefit.

On Your Side In Severance Disputes

A severance agreement is more in the employer's interest than in yours. It is designed to protect them against legal action by you. Not all severance agreements are the same, and they can raise many legal concerns. Have you been wrongfully terminated? Did you have an executive-level contract? We will assist you with one-on-one attention, so that you thoroughly understand your legal options. Our highly skilled attorney has 28 years of Ohio employment law experience, and can translate the legalese and guide you with a proactive strategy.

Severance agreements may include these items and/or limitations:

  • Monetary sum in exchange for not taking any future legal action against the employer
  • Noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement that limits whom you work for and when
  • Owed wages from employer
  • Accrued vacation, paid time off pay and other benefits

If you received a severance agreement — before you sign anything — have attorney Merry review your critical documents. Fully understand your rights and strive for the best severance package you can receive with assistance from our diligent lawyer. We also handle disability and pension-related concerns.

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