When Your Safety Net Breaks

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance is like a financial safety net — designed to provide you income when you cannot work due to illness or injury. However, you should not be surprised if your insurance company denies your claim, hoping you'll go away.

That's when you turn to the Law Offices of Tony C. Merry. We will fight with dedication and compassion for the compensation you need and deserve. We will take on the insurance companies when you feel all hope is gone. Our long experience with long-term disability claims provides peace of mind. Our aggressive representation is on your side when you need help the most.

Strategies Designed For Successful LTD Claim Resolution

Attorney Tony C. Merry helps disabled Worthington-area residents with all aspects of a long-term disability claim. Backed by years of experience in Ohio courts, attorney Merry has an in-depth understanding of disability laws to help clients attain the most favorable outcome. He will create a smart strategy with aggressive tactics to fight insurance companies and resolve your long-term disability insurance claim.

We help individuals fight denied claims from:

  • Private disability insurance companies
  • Employer-provided plans
  • U.S. Social Security Administration

A snapshot of our legal process includes:

  • Filing a disability insurance claim to your insurance company
  • If the claim is denied, filing an appeal
  • If the appeal is denied, filing a lawsuit
  • Taking a denied lawsuit to the U.S. Court of Appeals

Even if you have already begun the process alone, you can call our office for professional help.

Straightforward Answers In A Free Initial Consultation

If you are facing a denied long-term disability insurance claim, meet with us to learn your legal options. Get to know how our extensive disability claim experience can help you. Call us at 614-372-7114 or fill out our quick online request for a free initial consultation with a lawyer.