Securing Benefits In A Stressful Time

Losing a loved one is hard enough. What if you are not only grieving the loss of your loved one, but also are now facing financial hardship because their life insurance or accidental death insurance policy company will not pay out your claim?

You do not have to struggle alone, fighting the insurance company on your own dime and time. Call the Law Offices of Tony C. Merry, LLC, and let us fight for you.

Why Insurers Deny Claims

Common issues that arise in life and accidental death insurance disputes include:

  • Question around the proper beneficiary. This can easily happen when a second marriage is involved. If the decedent never changed their beneficiary after a divorce, the first spouse will receive the payment, and the second spouse will have to fight to get the payment they are due.
  • Cause of death and whether it is covered. Some policies only cover certain causes of death, and the insurance company may try to say that your loved one's cause of death is among those not covered. We can help you prove that it is covered.
  • The insured person lapsed payment at some point or made an error on the application. These types of administrative errors can cause endless problems when pursuing payment of the policy. We can help unravel the issue and work to resolve it.

Our team is experienced in handling these types of issues and more related to life and accidental death insurance disputes throughout Ohio. We will work tirelessly, taking your issue to court if necessary, to help your family get the payment they deserve.

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