Will Your Pension Be There When You Need It?

If you have worked your whole life thinking your pension would be there in your retirement, only to find out later that it is not, or it is not as robust as you thought it would be, you may have an ERISA claim. You do not have to simply accept an unjust situation. You can fight back. We can help.

How ERISA Works

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) governs private employee pension plans, dealing mainly with how these plans are administered. The law does not require employers to provide pensions, but governs the way in which existing private pension plans must be administered. The law is intended to protect workers' pensions from mismanagement and unfair loss, and allows employees to sue employers or plan administrators when things go wrong.

We Are On Your Side

Our firm is committed to protecting your access to the full pension you earned over your years of work. Let us help you through every step of an ERISA claim, ensuring the process goes smoothly, with the most favorable results possible. We can help prepare a claim for you and if your claim is denied, we will aggressively fight for you with a structured appeal — even if a lawsuit is necessary.

Denied Benefits? We Can Help With A Free Evaluation.

Do you need help filing a claim? Let our skillful ERISA attorney in Worthington, Ohio, help support you at this trying time and handle all crucial aspects of your claim. Call us at 614-372-7114 or contact us through this site for a free initial consultation with a lawyer.