COBRA Is Meant To Protect You

COBRA is a piece of legislation that requires employers to offer terminated or laid-off employees the option to continue their health insurance benefits. It can be an invaluable tool for individuals who may otherwise be facing the inability to get medical care for themselves and their family.

Yet, employers sometimes do not fulfill their obligation to let the employee know that they have this right. When this happens, the employee may not know that they need to file certain paperwork to keep their health insurance, and they can be on the hook for countless medical bills.

When Your Employer Fails, We Can Help

If this has happened to you, you might think that you need to struggle on alone and try to figure out a way to pay your medical bills. Whether you go into debt or end up defaulting on your bills, this can have a lasting impact on your credit and your household.

The Law Offices of Tony C. Merry, LLC, is a firm with experience in COBRA disputes. We understand the system thoroughly, and can use our knowledge to create a strong case that you deserve compensation. There are many stipulations of the law that we can use to advance your claim. For example:

  • Certain qualifying events require the employer to offer COBRA coverage. This includes things like a layoff or a divorce. COBRA coverage extends to the ex-spouse.
  • COBRA coverage must last for up to 36 months after the qualifying event. Depending on why your original health care coverage ended, whether you were laid off or you are a dependent whose relationship with the employee ended, the amount of time you may utilize COBRA health care varies, but is at least 18 months.
  • The employer must notify employees when they begin work and join the health care plan that COBRA is an option, should they leave. Also, the employee has 60 days to notify their employer after a qualifying event if they would like to utilize COBRA health care.

If your employer did not follow COBRA's stipulations, we may be able to use their mistakes to get you the compensation you deserve to help yourself and your family.

Call A Lawyer Today

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