You Trusted Your Employer — Now You Need Help

Our country has a wide array of laws meant to protect the employee, such as COBRA, ERISA and more. On top of that, most individuals trust that their employer will look out for their best interests.

However, that is not always the case. Whether because of malicious intent or simple human error, it is all too easy for employers to overlook your rights. At the Law Offices of Tony C. Merry, LLC, we are committed to looking out for those rights.

Founding attorney Tony C. Merry has been practicing for nearly three decades. To learn more about his background, click the link below:

We Offer Comprehensive And Compassionate Representation

Claims involving disability, pensions, severance and health insurance are very complex. Additionally, fighting for a benefit to which you are entitled can be an emotionally difficult process to go through, especially when you and your family may be suffering. You need a lawyer who offers a unique blend of skills, including:

  • Thorough understanding
  • Long experience
  • Personal approach
  • Compassion

Our firm is completely dedicated to both long- and short-term disability disputes, those involving ERISA and COBRA, severance and pension matters and more. You deserve the benefits that you have been guaranteed through legislation, and we will work to get them for you.

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